Hello world!

I’ve recently joined Examiner.com as the Cleveland (Ohio) Recycling Examiner, and I’m finding that a lot of my thoughts about recycling don’t fit into the Examiner.com format. My KeepItOutOfTheLandfill blog will be my personal journal, a place where I can try out ideas, talk about what’s going on, express opinions.

If you’re reading my blog and you want to comment on something I’ve said, or on recycling in general, please — join the discussion!


3 responses to “Hello world!

  1. i have found your site while I was looking for someone to tell me how to dispose of the ole refrigerator advertising magnets that have been sent to me by the dozens. I dont want them in our dumpsite, but I cant find any suggestions. Any thoughts? Thanks for your work.


    • Mathilde, that is a great question. I did a little searching, came up with several suggestions, and posted them to my blog today as “Recycle Refrigerator Magnets: Answering a Reader’s Question.” Thanks for the idea!


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