Paper Shopping Bags Become Kitty Playhouses at the Humane Society

cat guarding house

This is a cat guarding his new house.

The forever-in-the-landfill plastic shopping bag has pretty much displaced the paper bags that carried our grandparents’ groceries home, but some stores still offer paper. So, of course, I have accumulated quite a few (use it up, wear it out …).

Our local humane society wants them! They open the bags and put them into the cat cages, where the kitties turn them into playhouses and hiding places.

Of course — anyone who has lived with a cat knows how that works!

(BTW: this post is tagged “free to a good home.” The bags are free, the cats are not.)


3 responses to “Paper Shopping Bags Become Kitty Playhouses at the Humane Society

  1. I’m not sure exactly where this comment belongs, but catching up on some of your postings and this one made me think of something else. My local grocery has these fabulous brown paper bags that I use when I FORGET to bring my reusable one. They have handles. I use them next to my trash bag for all my recycling, and then just easily carry the bag downstairs when it’s full and place in the recycling bin.

    However, (something my mother taught me) I cut the handles OFF before I place it in the bin. Why? Because my mom had read somewhere that animals that go through trash can get trapped in the handles. If I ever buy can soda that has plastic holding the 6-package together, I ALSO cut that in many places as mom said that was unsafe for animals too!


    • Are you shopping at Harris-Teeter? I seem to remember that their shopping bags have handles. I save any like that and use them much as I do the woven reusable bags. (Our mothers would be soooo proud!)


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