More About Toilet Paper Cores

Toilet Paper Core

Still useful, even after they’re empty. (Photo credit: Luigi Chiesa)

I just came across a delightful graphic demonstrating several ways to use empty toilet paper cores: to create wall art, to hold office supplies and other odds and ends, to keep rolls of wrapping paper safe and tidy. Check them out here.

My reluctance to discard these things probably qualifies me among the lunatic fringe of recyclers. (It’s my mom’s voice in the back of my mind: “are you sure someone can’t use this?” I bet she’s surprised to find out that I really was listening.) When the local daycare center greeted with joy my offer of a bagful of the things, I decided to let the world call me crazy and keep saving them.


One response to “More About Toilet Paper Cores

  1. Toilet paper rolls and duct tape: nature’s two most perfect creations.
    Stumbled across your blog on the web – I happen to have the same ‘we do not inherit…’ quote underneath my title. I like your blog very much!


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