Am I too focused on composting?

Am I too focused on composting?
The other day I came across an online recipe for Warm Apple Compote. It sounded good, so I saved it to my Food folder. Then I saw the name under which I had saved it: WarmAppleCompost.pdf.

Maybe it’s time for a nap.


4 responses to “Am I too focused on composting?

  1. Lenore, I’ve left this reply after another post…am leaving it here also, hoping to increase my chances of a reply…Since my father came to live with us after a heart attack, five years ago, we have been recyclers because he was. We split up our plastics/cans/glass, cardboard, mail, and plastic bags. He faithfully takes them where they need to go. As of late, he found out that he can no longer take our hard plastics/cans/jars to the Fire Department on Prouty Rd. in Concord. Do you know a place relatively close that he can now begin to take them. He is an avid recycler and has caused us to lean that way too. He asked if I could find out where he can now take these particular recyclables because he couldn’t find any articles in the paper that would guide him. I pulled up info online, learned of alot of places taking alot of things…but NOT hard plastics/cans/jars. Please advise. Thanks.


    • Candace, I apologize for not responding sooner.

      When Mentor closed its drop-off recycling facility last January 31, I looked for another drop-off site but didn’t find anything that satisfied me. Let me look anew — your geography is different from mine, and maybe the answer I got when I questioned this issue last year will be of use (with luck, to both of us).

      Thank you for sending me the question. This is what I’d hoped for when I started my blog — and dropping the ball is certainly not the response I expect of myself!

      I’ll let you know today what I can find out!

      Lenore Collins Cleveland Recycling Examiner – Green Living | Keep It Out of the Landfill (Blog) LinkedIn Page



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