How to restore an iron frying pan

If you shop recycled and you’ve been lucky enough to pick up a couple pieces of iron cookware at a garage sale or thrift shop, you’ll probably need to remove some rust before you can use your new treasures.

iron skillets, restored and original condition

Properly restored, a rusty iron skillet can take its place among your favorite cookware. (photo credit: FiveRings)

The restoration process is not complicated, but it takes a little time. A recent posting by Jason Carpenter on Mentor Patch turns it into a weekend project and provides extensive detail.

If your iron skillet is looking a little red around the edges, or you’ve inherited your grandmother’s Dutch oven and you want to prepare her recipe for chicken with dumplings, try Jason’s method. When you finish, you’ll have classic cookware that’s versatile and nearly indestructible.

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