I Loved Those Penzey’s Catalogs, but They’re Doing the Right Thing.

For years, I’ve subscribed to the catalogs from Penzeys Spices: full of recipes and articles and mouth-watering descriptions of what their products can do for my cooking.

When I realized that I hadn’t received a catalog since last fall, I emailed their customer service people and found that they’ve replaced them with Penzeys One Email. (I eventually realized that this information was on page 2 of their Thanksgiving 2016 issue. I guess I’m not the careful reader that I think I am.)

I’ll miss the catalogs, but Penzeys has solved my moral dilemma. I always felt guilty about staying on their mailing list and ultimately adding the catalogs to the paper recycling bin, but I so enjoyed them that I was reluctant to go paperless.

Well, they’ve made the decision for me: Penzeys wants me to go paperless, I’ll go paperless. I’ve signed up for Penzeys One Email — product information, coupons, recipes, stories about the people who use their products, all the information that was in the catalogs.

Penzeys is doing the right thing: they’re Keeping Their Catalogs Out of the Landfill.

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Recycle Garment Hangers at Target Stores

Garment hangers are not the recycling no-no that I thought they are. Your local Target store will take them and reuse them. And when the hangers break, Target will recycle the plastic and metal parts to make plastic flowerpots and other gardening supplies. (Read Target’s full statement here.)


Look for the recycling station at your local Target store.

So when you clean out your closet, whether to donate, recycle, or (I hope not) discard the clothing you no longer want or need, don’t throw away the hangers. If they’re plain wire hangers, take them to a dry cleaner who will recycle (or reuse) them. If they’re hangers you got from Target, take them back to Target.

Even better, when you purchase clothes from Target, leave the hangers at the register. Target wants to keep them.

Congratulations, Target, on keeping garment hangers out of the landfill. That’s not only a sustainable business practice — it’s also a nice way to get customers into your stores.

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