Paper Shopping Bags Become Kitty Playhouses at the Humane Society

cat guarding house

This is a cat guarding his new house.

The forever-in-the-landfill plastic shopping bag has pretty much displaced the paper bags that carried our grandparents’ groceries home, but some stores still offer paper. So, of course, I have accumulated quite a few (use it up, wear it out …).

Our local humane society wants them! They open the bags and put them into the cat cages, where the kitties turn them into playhouses and hiding places.

Of course — anyone who has lived with a cat knows how that works!

(BTW: this post is tagged “free to a good home.” The bags are free, the cats are not.)

Vitamin Shoppe in Mentor: They Get It

Lately when I’ve made a purchase at the Vitamin Shoppe in Mentor, the cashier has asked me whether I want a bag for the product.

I have yet to say yes.

Even though I routinely use durable woven shopping bags, they don’t always make it out of the car with me, and while I try to remember to ask that a purchase not be bagged, I do forget. So, like most of us, I have a never-ending, and growing, supply of wastebasket liners.

That’s why I’m grateful to the Vitamin Shoppe for giving me a choice.

The last time this happened, I asked the cashier whether this was a Vitamin Shoppe policy. It’s not a company-wide policy, he told me, but something the store’s staff have been doing on their own. And about half their customers do turn down the offer of a bag.

That’s a lot of plastic that’s not going into the landfill.

Way to go, Vitamin Shoppe!